There are 18 ha of vineyards on the slopes of our farm.
The vineyards are divided into 7 ha of Syrah, 5.75 ha of Grenache Black and 2 ha of Viognier and Roussanne.

Depending on the year, we produce 700 to 800 hectoliters of wine.

Maintenance of the vineyard is respectful of the environment. Since 2008, the vines have been grown according to organic regulations (no fertilizer, weed killers or chemicals). On the highest slopes we intentionally let the grass grow on every other row of vines in order to limit soil erosion. This grass is maintained by our sheep for six months of the year.

The architecture of the vine is formed of two cords “royat palissés” in rows. This technique facilitates mechanization, increased leaf area and helps to fight against the wind.